Things to Know...

Convenience stores

7-ELEVENFamilyMart and OK-Mart are most convenient places in Taiwan. These convenience stores are available everywhere, even in campus premises, small villages and rural areas. You can get train tickets, pay your school tuition, ship packages, print documents, call a taxi, and so much more.





There is also a domestic super-express mail, which is expensive, but a letter is guaranteed to be delivered anywhere in just a few hours. International express mail service is available. The rate for domestic express letters is NT$5, and NT$12 for prompt delivery.


Cell Phones and SIM Cards

Prepaid SIM cards are easily accessible in Taiwan for a relatively low startup cost. SIM cards can be purchased in city shops, at the airport, or in advance online with a simple pickup at the airport. Using an unlimited data SIM is safer and more secure than connecting to public WiFi.


Free Wi-Fi

Taiwanese citizens have been able to log onto iTaiwan, the island's free Wi-Fi network. Taiwan is one of the first places in the world to offer free Wi-Fi on a mass scale.