Special Notice for Sri Lankan Students

The news about 40 Sri Lankan young students be forced into hard labour in Taiwan is a tragic story.







Taiwan is still an ideal place for Sri Lankan students to pursue high education, but Sri Lankan students have to know about the regulations and procedures first.   Taiwan government has never approved work-and-study programs for students from Sri Lanka. Taiwanese universities are not allowed to hire private agents to recruit students in Sri Lanka, either.

The only way to study in universities in Taiwan is to apply to universities directly. And the Only way to get financial aid to study in Taiwan is to apply for scholarships (from universities or institutions offering scholarships such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) or Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). All Sri Lankan students are required to apply for student visa in Taiwan’s consular office in Chennai, India. The application processes may take 2 weeks or longer, but applicants with admission letter and all required documents will be granted with visa.  

Taiwan-Sri Lanka Connection Project is the only program approved and fully funded by Education Ministry of Taiwan and our purpose is to provide correct and updated information regarding studies in Taiwan. We will also give advises on application and guide students to their respective fields in universities in Taiwan.

PI of Sri Lanka- Taiwan Connection Project

Sri Lankan students arrived on student visas: government official