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Rev. Wadinagala Pannaloka (Ph.D in Philosophy-NCU)

Senior Lecturer,  Postgraduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

As a Sri Lankan student who entered the Graduate School of Philosophy at the National Central University(NCU), I have lot of great memories. The beautiful environment full of green wherein the NCU situated comes into memory even  after two years I have left the school.


The teachers who taught me in PhD program were awesome. They were well-versed in the subject and guided the students in research effectively. Apart from the academic training, the teachers are full of care for the students. Actually, I will ever recollect their humane qualities experienced with them (Chinese:  念念不忘).

One of the assets I found in National Central University is its main library. For a research student, library is very important. The materials and the services provided by the library maintain high standard.


A fascinating thing for me was the opportunity to mix with the Taiwan students and other foreign students. It gave an exposure to learn from the cultures which I had no contact whatsoever before. Such an experience would enlarge our world-view and beauty of each culture in the world.


Overall, National Central University can be seen as a place where there is a great research culture and pro-student environment in every respect.

Rev. Wadinagala Pannaloka (PhD in Philosophy-NCU)

          Sri Lanka