International Program in Animal Vaccine Technology

Animal vaccine industry has been playing an important role in ensuring antibiotics-free livestock. To facilitate the latest development of this industry, this program provides world-class professional training by involving international faculty and expert researchers. The syllabus is designed to foster the development of new technology, the training of competent researchers, and the technical transfer of developed vaccine technology from the laboratory to the production line. This program highlights the integration of research projects and facilities to accelerate technology development. With solid training, graduates may choose to continue research work in an academic institution, a research unit, a vaccine company, or even a hospital. Other workplaces include animal feeds companies, pharmaceutical manufacturing, equipment companies, farms, etc.

Internationally renowned researchers in the program:

Prof. Biao He for bovine vaccines; Prof. Peter Rottier (Utrecht University) for porcine vaccines; and Prof. Alexandra Adams (University of Stirling) for aquatic animal vaccines.


Why is this interesting to me?

  • As the animal husbandry field moves toward environmentally responsible practices, vaccines have become indispensable tools for infectious disease control. IDPAVT invites internationally renowned researchers and experts as part of faculty member to train the next generation of talents for animal vaccine development.


What should I expect to learn?

  • Students will learn about the 1) fundamental principles of vaccine research, and 2) industrial production of vaccines


Learning objectives:

At the end of the program, graduates shall be able to:

  • To become well versed in fundamental principles for vaccine development;

  • To gain hands-on experience in industrial vaccine production.


How long do I experience learning?

  • Expected durations of study are two years for Master’s students and four years for Ph.D. students.


Course activities:

  • Specific vaccine research project

  • Industry internship

  • Lectures by expert researchers

Highlights of research:

  • Attenuated, inactivated, subunit, and DNA vaccine development

  • Adjuvant development


Career path/ opportunity:

  • Industry research and operations

  • Regulatory affairs

  • Academia


Cost of program:

  • Per semester tuition fee: (M.S.) USD1,653; (Ph.D.) USD1,818

  • Per credit hour fee: (M.S./ Ph.D.) USD132


** All fees are subject to change without prior notice due to currency fluctuation and/ or unforeseen economic        circumstances. Cost estimation is based on 30.2465 TWD= 1 USD.