NCHU Admission- Spring 2021
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Application Procedure

Applicants may carefully read the step by step instructions given by the Application Procedure and complete the online application.   

Application Procedure: Link


Qualifications for the application of international degree-seeking students: Link

Academic programs opened for Spring-2021 Semester: Link


Required documents: Link

Online application: Link


Also refer frequently asked questions from students: Link

***Documents Authentication

  • Since there is no Taiwan representative office in Sri Lanka, applicants no need to upload the attested certificates and transcripts when applying. 

  • Applicants can authenticate them from the nearest office in Chennai and bring the certified documents with them when they come to Taiwan.


***Financial statement

  • Regarding the financial statement listed under the required documents (#8), applicants may carefully refer to Question 5 in the frequently asked questions.

  • Since the applicants are applying for scholarships, but the results are not out yet, they need to UPLOAD the form "Declaration & Certification of Finances(Q5(2)) with the online application.

  • Additionally, referring to the Questions 13-16, applicants can understand the available scholarships and the applying process.

***Language proficiency

  • It is not mandatory to complete the English proficiency tests(#10) when applicants are applying. 


***For the application to be processed, all required documents must be submitted.

Pre-approval Form for International Graduate Students

 1. Applicant eligibility: Must be applied by NCHU full-time professors (at least assistant professor) and print it out.

2. Process: NCHU professors apply online, print it out, sign by referee and chairman, and submit it to Office of International Affairs, NCHU.

3. Pre-approval items: (1) admission (2) (NCHU Scholarship) Full tuition waiver for the first academic year (3)Financial support from the referee.

4. Application date: 9th September (for spring semester).

The nominated students will still have to apply online and submit all the required documents. The system is open from 9th Sept.~15th Oct. for the spring semester

Pre-approval Form for NCHU International Students(only for the advisor): Link

NCHU Admission Application for Foreign Students: Link



***For more information please refer to:


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