Additional Guidelines for Applicants









  • Applicant must email the Application No to Adviser/Supervisor who will be the guarantor of the applicant. An Application No will be issued to the applicant after submitting the visa documents to Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in Chennai.


  • Applicant's guarantor should complete the document (Fig.) of Letter of Guarantee for Visa Application to the Republic of China with the Application No, and hand over to OIA (Office of International Affairs) office, in relevant university.     










Note: When granting Taiwan residence visa for the applicant, the visa office in India requires the details (ROC ID/ARC/APRC) of Applicant's guarantor. If this information is not provided, the applicant will not be granted a residence visa to enter Taiwan.


  • Finally, OIA office will send this document to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (TAIWAN) to further authorization.



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According to section - 8 of "Guidelines to fill visa application form online" document attached herewith, it is mentioned that online visa application can be filled and submitted by an agent on behalf of the applicant. Necessary documents can also be attested from Sri Lankan High Commission in India without the applicant